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Airskipper 90 CE_CF

Airskipper 90CE is a custom edition with selected option parts based on Airskipper 90.

With ASG Rotor head and ASG Long tail set, flight performance is improved a lot!

Now, Carbon frame version has been released.  Please check the JR distributor in your country.


airskipper90ce.JPG  as9ce_head.JPG  as9ce_tail.JPG

 (photos are from AS90CE)

Thank you.

Champion, Hiroki Ito coming back to Japan

Mr. Hiroki Ito came back to Japan on August 18th safely.

Thank you again for cheering JR!



Hobby show in Makuhari, Tokyo 2009

Hobby show in Tokyo will be held from Doctor 8th to 11th.

As has happened in the past, 8th, Thursday and 9th, Friday are for business and

10th and 11th are for public.

We will welcome your visit.


You may check the details of Makuhari messe where the event will be held with following address.


And here is a JPM official site. (Sorry but Japanese only)


Thank you!


Competition in Poland

 Competition was held on August 9th in Poland.

JR pilot, Mr. Adam Delingos won 1st place in all 3 categories, F3C, Freestyle and time trials.

Congratulations, Adam!


SNC00290.jpg  SNC00335.jpg  SNC00318.jpg


SNC00340.jpg  SNC00312.jpg  SNC00284.jpg


Reported by Jakub from Clear shot.

Thank you!

IRCHA August 12 - 16, 2009

The bigest Helicopter event in US, "IRCHA" was held on August 12th to 16th

just after F3C WC.

JR was attended there and had some demonstaration with Vibe90SG, Vibe50 and Super Voyager E.


i1.jpg  i4.jpg  i5.jpg

i11.jpg  i14.jpg  i17.jpg

i18.jpg  i29.jpg  i6.jpg

Thank you!



F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 12th

Final round!

 It was an exciting day today. The scores were so close, but Mr. Ito came through to win.

Scott was a very close second.

Congratulations on them and

We Thank all of you very much for sticking up for JR!


p77.jpg  p79.jpg  p92.jpg

  p106.jpg  p104.jpg  p89.jpg





All JR pilots

Thank you for all of your great performance and looking forward to seeing you at next WC in ITALY!!







F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 12th

Breaking news.

1st Hiroki Ito(JPN/Seed)
2nd Scott Gray(CAN)
3rd Ennio Graber(SUI)



F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 11th

Finals Round 1 & 2


Weather condition is nasty today.  Pilots are suffered by strong wind and rain heavy at times.

Mr. Ito used electric model and first flight was going very well, then suddenly the motor stopped! Fortunately, he was able to land okay.  We found it later that the reason of this accident was a problem with battery connection.   Thankfully his second flight had no problems and again he got 1,000 points there.

Now, Mr. Ito is top with 2,000 points and Mr. Scott Gray is second. 


p46.jpg  p48.jpg  p67.jpg

p57.jpg  p49.jpg  p47.jpg

Just one more final round tomorrow!!


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 10th

Today is an occasional day but finalists were in hurry to the practice field from the morning.

Mr. Ito is practicing with both electric and engine.  No one knows which one he will use for the final yet.

Every each pilots is getting their perfection level higher and higher in very strong wind.

Looking forward to watch their exciting performance tomorrow!


 Scott in practice field



JR Pilots introduction

  南アフリカ Rudolf.JPG

Thank you!

Summer holiday information

Please be informed that our office will be closed from Wednesday, August 12th to Friday, August 14th for summer holiday.  The office will be open on regular office hours on Monday, August 17th.

Thank you.


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 9th

Round 4

It was very windy and all pilots had hard time today.

Now Finalists are decided and see the details here

Mr. Hiroki Ito, Mr. Scott Gray and Mr. Steve Roberts Team JR and

Mr. Curtis Youngblood (JR Propo) are in the finalists.

Wish your luck!

USA got a victory as a team this year, congratulations. 

Tomorrow will be the occasional date but  of course the finalists are  

busy practicing pattern C.


DSCF0063.JPG  p34.jpg  p30.jpg

p32.jpg  DSCF0067.JPG

JR pilots introduction will be tomorrow.  Thank you.


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 8th

Round 3

It is not strong but difficult to judge which way the wind blows, so the pilots seem to be little hesitated when they go up to the sky.

Mr. Scott Gray is moving into high gear today in Group 1 and Mr. Hiroki Ito has done almost perfect performance with electric model today  in Group 2.

Tomorrow will be the last day for preliminary rounds and the top 15 pilots proceed to the finals!


  DSCF0030.JPG  DSCF0001.JPG


JR Pilots introduction

  イギリス スティーブ.JPG  ノルウェー Einar.JPG  ノルウェー Jon.JPG

  ノルウェー Lars.JPG    to be continued to Tomorrow.


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 7th

Round 2 started in good weather condition like yesterday but it's gradually getting windy.

Mr. Hiroki Ito, Mr. Scott Gray and Mr. Curtis Youngblood....They are doing very well!

Today, let me introduce some JR pilots.


イタリア Alessandrom.JPG  オーストリア カルス.JPG  キプロス.JPG

スウェーデン アンドレス.JPG  ヘン.JPG

More to come tomorrow!


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 6th

Round 1 is held in good weather condition.

Group 1

Mr. Curtis Youngblood is now top and Mr. Scott Gray is second.

Group 2

Mr. Hiroki Ito is now top as expected!

You may check the details at the official site of FAI below. 


Mr. Ito at round 1   Mr. Ito at round 1 -2   Mr. Ito at round 1 -4   



  DSCF0034.JPG  p7.jpg  DSCF0026.JPG


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 5th

  From the morning, it is very dark and sky is almost crying.

Crosswind is very strong and rather cold.

There are many people gathered to watch Japanese team practice.

Mr. Hashimoto and Mr. Dobashi are practicing stunt and Mr. Sensui and Mr. Ito are practicing A pattern mainly.  They seem to be troubled by wind more than they expe cted but got many applause.

Performance order of Japanese member.     

  2  Mr. Dobashi, 6 Mr. Hashimoto, 10 Mr. Ito and 24 Mr. Sensui.


We wish all of your luck!!                                                    Reported by Shinya Kunii


 Arney with AS90 SA  Arney practice  Rudolf SY90

Alex  Hashimoto practice  Sensui

Dobashi  Mr. Ito 8-4  Steve's SY90

F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 4th

Model processing and practice

 伊藤君着たいチェック    Funny Scott  Playing soccur Mr. Ito and Mr. Dobashi

Opening ceremonies

  Opening ceremony  Team Japan  Mr. Sensui and Mr. Taya

Welcome reception


F3C WC in USA 2009 / Aug. 3rd

All pilots are gathered to Muncie, International Aero modeling Center now and doing free practice.

According to the report from Mr. Kunii who attend there as a supporter for Team JR both Mr. Hiroki Ito and Mr. Scott Gray are doing very well.  And Mr. Chen Zarfati who is one of the best 3D pilot are getting better and better.  Also, new JR pilots are showing up.

It would be very exciting Championship, it is starting from 5th!!


2009f3c_img001.jpg    2009f3c_img015-thumb-200x150-10.jpeg


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