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F3C Japan cup 2009

Japan cup 2009 was over now and Mr. Ito won again!  He is just amazing. 

Mr. Kobayashi got 3rd, among finalists there were 6 JR pilots.  Mr. Kunii got 7th and of course he did not like this result.  We should watch him how he will come back next time!


1st   Hiroki Itof3c_2009jp_top3.jpg

2nd  Manabu Hashimoto

3rd  Minoru Kobayashi

4th  Kazuyuki Sensui

5th  Yasuichi Sawamura

6th  Yukihiro Dobashi

7th  Shinya Kunii

                                                                                                                                                          Thank you!

F3C Japan cup 2009

F3C Japan cup 2009 is held from today until Sunday.  First 2 days are qualification and Sunday is the final.

Just now first day is finished as below.

1.  Hashimoto (Electric)                                        f3c_2008jp_ito.jpg

2.  Ito (Engine)

3.  Sensui

4.  Dobashi

5.  Kunii

6.  Iso

It's started in good  condition without wind just temperature was very high like a mid summer but when last group started suddenly wind gets stronger.   Mr. Kunii, Mr. Ito and Mr. Kobayashi  were in the last group but, fortunatelly they were still doing good job.    Let's look forward to see what is happened tomorrow!

Please check the details at


Thank you!


New release! Voyager GSR260Z

It has been 6 years passed since the multi-discipline GSR260 Helicopter was released.  Now, it's reborn as GSR260Z with the new ASG 90 rotor head.  It is planned to be released in November 2009.



Overall length: 1,623 mm  Overall height: 704 mm  Overall width: 380 mm  Gross weight: 7,800 g~ (including main rotor blades JRC800)  Main rotor diameter: 1,765 mm (w/JRC800)  Tail rotor diameter: 288 mm  Gear ratio: 8 : 1 : 5.18  Swash: 120 CCPM (MPM is also available as an option)


Key Features:

All metal made ASG90 rotor head,  Redesigned FRP boy, Stylish yellow stream-line body  Spiral gears increase durability, gear ratio is same as before,   Brace clamp is made from plastic to prevent if from generating noise,  Fuel tank cap allows for easy re-fuelling, Carbon tail rotor blades 105 mm in length, 800 mm Main rotor blades are included, Redesigned Fan cover and larger diameter Cooling fan provide more efficient cooling,  HG Clutch set supplied as standard, 12 mm Main shaft,   Payload 4,000 ~ 5,000 g


 head.JPG    frame2.jpg   main.JPG

Thank you!


New release! Voyager GSR260Z

Munich Heli Masters 2009 in Germany

Biggest 3D heli event in Europe "Munich heli masters 2009" was held on September 11th to 13th.

Scott Gray was invited as a special guest and he did extremely nice performance!  Many people  came to the booth asking for Vibe90SG and Vibe 500E after looking his performance.

There were about 500 visitors on Friday, 5000 to 6000 on Saturday and approx 3000 on Sunday.  During the event, the Super Gracy show of Scott was the most wanted one on all days.  Unfortunately the ground came to his Vibe90SG too close!….. but not so bad at the end.

Andy from AK MOD, his booth was just in front of the restaurant and all people who came to the restaurant stopped and see his booth, which was very lucky :-)  

 IMG_6465.JPG    IMG_6457.JPG   

IMG_6440.JPG  IMG_6385.JPG

  IMG_6436.JPG  IMG_6438.JPG

Reported by Andy Kessler, Thank you Andy!

Helicopter Competition in Zawiercie Poland

On Sunday, Sept. 6th 2009 Helicopter competition was held in Zawiercie Poland.

There were 2 categories, Time races with obstacle course and Freestyle. 

JR pilot Adam Delingos won 1st place in both Categories :)

Thank you for your good job, Adam!




 Reported by Jakub from Clearshot in Poland.

Beautiful Trophies!!

Thank you, Jakub.

Free style Japan GP 2009

Free style Japan GP was held at Ojima RC sky port, Gunma prefecture on August 29th and 30th.

From Team JR, Mr. Iwasa got second and Mr. Kobayashi got third place.  Congratulations!!

2009mrha_img1.JPG  2009mrha_img2.JPG  2009mrha_img3.JPG 

Thank you.

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