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Specification of Mr. Ito

p125.jpgWe got many request for Mr. Ito's specification.

Here is a his specifiction for both engine and electric helicopter.


Airskipper 90 (Engine)

Rotorhead: NHR-03 (Sylphide 90)

Blades: HI Products SSG-91

Paddles: K&S carbon

Tail blades: JR carbon L-105p115.jpg

Engine: YS90ST

Muffler: HATORI 90FS-3

Fuel: Cool power 30%

Gyro: JR G7000T

Servos: JR DS-8301

Transmitter: JR DSX9p104.jpg


SY-E10 (Electric)

Rotorhead: NHR-03 (Sylphide 90)

Blades: HI Products SSG-91

Paddles: K&S Carbon

Tail blades: JR carbon L-105

Motor: Actro 32-3

Batteries: Thunder power 5S6600


Gyro: JR G7000T

Servos: DS8301

Transmitter: DSX9

Thank you!



JR heli dominated the 2009 season in the UK!

Pictures are from the last contest of the season with Team JR pilot
Steve Roberts winning overall.

Maybe we will have a new JR pilot soon, Roger Mayo's son Scott has just
started flying and is doing very well.

Results from this contest;

1st Steve Roberts (Sylphide 90/ Super Gracy V2).
2nd Mark Christy
3rd Dave Fisher
4th Roger Mayo (JR Vibe 90)
5th Matthew Ruben (JR Airskipper 90/ Super Gracy V2)
6th Danny Lock (JR Vibe 90)

Steve has won every F3C contest in the UK this year so also collected
the prize for the overall league competition.

Full results for each 2009 contest and overall league results can be
found on the AHA (Aerobatic Helicopter Association) website,

The file with Chamouth:

JR Helicopters were shown at the largest fun-fly in the UK by the UK's
JR distributor MacGregor Industries.

The new JR Vibe 90SG was being flown by Team JR pilots Steve Roberts,
Stuart Mott and George Durr.

Over 100 pilots attended this event over the two days with 10 flight
stations being continuously used for all types of helicopter flying.



Charmouth October 09 002.JPG  Charmouth October 09 011.JPG  Charmouth October 09 018.JPG

Charmouth October 09 047.JPG  Charmouth October 09 060.JPG  Charmouth October 09 124.JPG

Charmouth October 09 149.JPG  Charmouth October 09 210.JPG  Charmouth October 09 337.JPG

Charmouth October 09 470.JPG  Charmouth October 09 480.JPG  Charmouth October 09 511.JPG

Charmouth October 09 620.JPG  Charmouth October 09 559.JPG  Charmouth October 09 119.JPG





Reported by Steve from MacGregor.  Thank you for sending beautiful pictures!



The event to cerebrate 15th anniversary of the magazine Aerotec was held on September 26th and 27th in Spain.

Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Rodriguez from Speed Hobby (JR distributor in Spain) attend and promote JR products by demo flight, showing the models and distributing DVD and catalogs.

Thank you very much for your effort in such a hard economy situation!

DSC00274.JPG    DSC00266.JPG  DSC00268.JPG

Reported by Mr. Gonzalez from Speed Hobby

Thank you!

UK 3D Championship 2009

UK 3D Championships 2009 was held on 26-27th September in Tewkesbury, England.

47 pilots were registered for 2 classes, Intermediates and Champions.

The UK distributor for JR, MacGregor Industries was present showing all JR products including the new Vibe 90GG which was also being flown in the contest.

2 pilots flew JR Vibe 90SG helicopters in the intermediate class. Steve Roberts and George Durr. George is only 15 years old and was flying in his first contest.

The top 5 pilots of each class go into the finals when all 3 flights are flown again, Set manoeuvres, flight to music & freestyle. Both Steve & George made the finals finishing 5th & 3rd respectively.

The final results were

Champions class;
1st Duncan Osbourn
2nd Steve Gerrard
3rd Jack Kessock-Phillips
4th Rob Turnbull
5th Adam Turner

Intermediates class;
1st Richie Clark
2nd Matt Gill
3rd George Durr (JR Vibe 90SG)
4th Charlie Cave
5th Steve Roberts (JR Vibe 90SG)

Full results and video will be available on the 3D Championships website http://www.3dchampionship.co.uk/

UK 3D Championship 2009 014.JPG  UK 3D Championship 2009 029.JPG  UK 3D Championship 2009 032.JPG

UK 3D Championship 2009 052.JPG  UK 3D Championship 2009 554.JPG  UK 3D Championship 2009 612.JPG


Reported by Steve Roberts from MacGregor. 

Thank you!


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