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First International China R/C Airshow

Event information from Scott, Thank you very much!

The event was held over 3 days at the National Air and Space Museum near Beijing China. 

They have built a special r/c airfield at the museum for
r/c demonstrations with paved runways and permanent seating for
spectators.  It was 100yrs aviation in China and 60yrs Air Force
anniversaries, so there was big promotions of this event and also full
size jet flybys and TV coverage by CCTV (Chinese main TV broadcast).

The show was mainly for some spectators and media/magazines of R/C
community, but also special for the Air Force top Commander of China and
many other military people.  Sadly on the main show day (Sunday) it was
cold and snowing!  This did not stop a few of us from flying however.
So they did a short airshow and only featured 4 pilots (Jason Noll, C.
Paysant Le Roux, German jet team, and myself with helicopter demo).  All
our flights were well greeted by the spectators and they seemed to enjoy
the 3
D demos.  It was on live TV as well.


Beijing09 334.jpg   Beijing09 162.jpg  Beijing09 192.jpg  

Beijing09 246.jpg    Beijing09 232.jpg  Beijing09 257.jpg 

Beijing09 329.jpg  Beijing09 204.jpg  Beijing09 200.jpg

 Beijing09 085.jpg   Thank you again, Scott!!


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