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Trophy de France 2010

Trophy de France was held in Maubeuge in France last weekend.

Steve Roberts from MacGregor got 2nd place!!

Here is a report from him.

The Trophy de France 2010 was held in the town of Maubeuge which was the venue for the European Championships in 2008.

18 pilots had registered for the contest.

Several pilots were flying JR helicopters including;

Steve Roberts (UK), JR Sylphide 90 E & Super Gracy
Roger Mayo(UK), JR Vibe 90
Matt Reuben (UK), JR Airskipper 90 E & Super Gracy
Cees Verplanke (NL), JR Sylphide 90 E
Rob Eikeboon (NL), JR Sylphide 90

5 rounds of pattern 'P' were flown and the final results were as follows,

1/ Ari Holmstrom (FIN) 4000
2/ Steve Roberts (UK) 3823
3/ Pascal Brianchon (FRA) 3792

A 'fun' round of pattern 'D' was also flown for the judges prior to the European championships and the results from that flight were as follows,

1/ Steve Roberts (UK) 1000
2/ Ari Holmstrom (FIN) 990.20
3/ Laurent Lombard (FRA) 958.33 

   DSC_1728.JPGのサムネール画像   IMG_7781.JPGのサムネール画像   DSC_1894.JPGのサムネール画像

   DSC_1721.JPGのサムネール画像   DSC_1867.JPGのサムネール画像

Thank you, Steve!!


Kyosyo F3C Cup 2010 in Austria

Kyosho F3C Cup 2010 was held in Austria last weekend.

Uwe Kiesewetter is a new pilot that we support and he got vicotry at the competition.

Here is a report from Andy Kessler from AK MOD.

The weather was quiet poor and mostly rain. But the competition was held.
Uwe managed to win 3 rounds. He did not have time to practise, because of final exams at the university but still he made it!  Now he will concentrated on flying till EC.
Bernhard won 2 rounds.
Hans made a real nice F round.

1. Uwe Kiesewetter GER SY E12
2. Bernhard Egger AUT Caliber EP
3. Hans Emmengger SUI own design/ASG rotorhead
4. Steafano Lucci IT Eagle EP own design
5. Dave Fischer GB AVRO (JR radio)
6. Steafan Wachsmuth  GER Caliber EP
7. Alex Del Lungo Sylphide E12
8. Marc Emmenegger SUI Sylphide E 12
9. Markus Roherer SUI Sylphide E10
10. Remo Huerlimann SUI Sylphide E12
11 Urs Herzog Vibe SG E12
12 Reto Galliker SUI Hirobo/JR E12 gear drive unit
13. Robin Cadez SUI OWN/JR ASG rotorhead
14. Andy  Sylphide E12
16. Andy Gasser SUI Sylphide E12
25 entries, 20 competing

JR 10
Kyosho 4
Hirobo 3
Avro 1
Minicopter 1

Karl Strauch AUT was doing 3D demoflights with Vibe 90SG and Vibe E8 between the rounds. 

    IMG_0296.JPG   IMG_0303.JPG

Thank you, Andy!


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