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F3C Italian Championship 2010

F3C Italian Championship was held on 26th-27th/Jun.
Here is a report from Alex.

The helicopters were participating in the league and JR Sylphide 12 x 3
Hirobo eagle x 5 and in particular Hirobo Eagle at the top, then my 
Sylphide and the third  Hirobo again.
We hope to get a good result at the European Championship in Romania. 

 gare 2010 014.jpg   

 Thank you Alex!

Swiss Nationals and German Championship has been held last weekend.

Here is a report from Andy Kessler from AK MOD.

Now, we got a JR Pilot as German Champion!!

Swiss Nationals

1. Ennio Graber Thunder Power TP5500-6SPL2
2. Hans Emmenegger Airskipper ASG/own TP5500-6SPL2
3. Marc Emmeneger Sylphide E12 TP5500-6SPL2
4. Remo Hürlimann Sylphide E12 TP5500-6SPL2
5. Sepp Gisler Kyosho/own EP
6.Urs Herzog Vibe SG E12 K&S 440-PT3 TP5500-6SPL2
8 Andy Gasser Sylphide E12 TP6600-5S2PPL2
13. Armin Heini Sylphide E10 TP6600-5SPL2

1 pilot flew engine heli!

There will be another team trial event in September.

German Nationals 2nd round.

1. Uwe Kiesewetter  Sylphide E12 K&S 440-PT3 TP5500-6SPL2  JR 11X ZERO
 (German Champion 2010)
2. Stefan Wachsmuth Kyosho EP  TP5500-6SPL2
3. Rene Petersen Sylphide E12
5. Christian Ellermann Sylphide KS EP kit
7. Jörg Tute Sylphide E12 TP5500-6SPL2

After this 2 rounds Uwe Kiesewetter is  already German Champion, because he won 2 rounds.

Congratulations, Uwe


Thank you, Andy


Here is a report from Steve from MacGregor.

This event was held at RAF (Royal Air Force) Barkston Heath located in 
Lincolnshire in the UK.
Our modelling organisation hold this event for all model power 
disciplines including, F3C, pylon racing, scale & control line
which all attend the event on the same day and use different parts 
of the airfield.

1st Steve Roberts JR Sylphide 90 E
2nd Dave Fisher
3rd Mark Christy
4th Roger Mayo JR Vibe 90
5th Matt Reuben JR Airskipper 90

These scores will be added to the scores from our National 
Championships do decide the team for Italy.

 IMG_7888.JPG  IMG_7898.JPG

Thank you, Steve!

VARCHA  club event in culpeper Virginia was held on May 19-23rd 2010.

Here is a comment from Scott.

 I was able to fly to the event in Virgina, USA by my own small airplane rather than driving 11 hours! Team JR Bill Tinsley F3C pilot came with me in the airplane to the event. It took about 4 hours flight time, and we had to cross the US border and customs at Niagara Falls New York airport. We put 4 JR 90 size helis, 2 12X transmitters, tools, fuel, and clothes in the back and flew to small airport near the event. The little Piper Cherokee airplane was full and maximum weight!

Also attending the event was Markus Kim famous 3D pilot and Bill Jackson 3D pilot. The event was organized to be 4-day event with us four expert pilots helping student heli pilots to learn better setup and flying techniques. We also used JR buddy box to train with many helis and pilots.

In the end, I setup and tuned about 15-20 helis and flew all of them to check settings and test fly. Everyone seemed very happy to have good setups in their helicopters now and better tuned engines!

 Interestingly, there is increased popularity of F3C style flying lately... many pilots want to try FAI style flying.

We also did many demo flights throughout each day. I flew Vibe90SG flybarless, and SY90 F3C 2009 WC heli many times.

Attendance: approx 30 pilots     

Helis: 5 JR SY90, 5 Vibe 90SG, Vibe 50s, and other helis such as Align, Avant, Minicopter.     

Power: Most helis at this event were Nitro (70% nitro, 30% electric)                

Radios: 90% JR and Spektrum, 10% Futaba


DSC_1879.jpg   DSC_1846.jpg      DSC_1964.jpg

DSC_2069.jpg   IMG_0494.jpg   IMG01116-20100524-1755.jpg

 Thank you!

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