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Another hot day, light wind.

Ennio Graber  has already got the title but who will be stand on the rest of podium will be
decided depend on this round. Also team ranking will be decided.

From the first group,there are 2 pilots from team Italy.
Same as usual, they performed stably and dynamically.
Fabio Livi 215.5 points
Stefano Lucchi 210.5 points

Next group, Ari Holmstrom who is currently at the 2nd place.
He performed stably at this round too but the score couldn't get that high. 
Ari Holmstrom 202.5 points

Here is Uwe Kiesewetter ,currently  at  the 4th place and  Bernhard Egger  3rd place.
They are both possible to stand on the podium.
Firstly  Uwe Kiesewetter . Performed very carefull hovering manoeuvres.
He received applause from the crowd during his performance, "loop and roll" .
But unfortunately  next manoeuvre "flip with harf roll" didn't go well and this led his score
hold down.
Uwe Kiesewetter 207.5 points


Nextly  Bernhard Egger . According to him,compare to engine helicopter, it is difficult to
get used to with because feeling of  hovering is different. But as far as looking at his
performance,he never look like he is having any difficulity but he is handling very well.
Though expected a high score,coldn't reach to Fabio Livi .
Bernhard Egger 214.5 points

Depending on  Ennio Graber 's  score in the last group,the ranking of top pilots will be
Winning flight has started. Looking at his flight, he performed very stable than ever.
Flip rate was incredible and autorotation is successed. everyone expected a high score.
In the end,he earned the highest score at this competition.
Ennio Graber 235.5 points

This has decided the final rankings.(official site ->Results

[Individual match]

1 Ennio Graber /Switzerland
2 Ari Holmstrom /Finland
3 Bernhard Egger /Austria
4 Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany
5 Fabio Livi /Italy
6 Stefano Lucchi /Italy






 [Team mutch]

1  Italy
2  Austria
3  Switzerland






*This time, counting way has been changed from not  decided by elimination round
but total ranking of each pilots including final round will decide the team rankings.

Judges,players and everyone involved this competition,thank you very much.

From Team JR,there are 5 pilots out of  6 are the finalist(everyone used electric helis)
knowledge about electric helicopters are ahead in Europe.
Motors,amp,battery charger etc.(there were many HONDA made for generator)

We JR have been very lucky to have pilots who have a great know-how here in
Europe and so E12 which will be released in the near future have got many of
their opinion.
We continue exchanging information with them and keep producing better products,
products to win the competitions.

We appreciate very much for all of your support for JR.


 Report by S.Kunii




Result for the 2nd round was

1 Ennio Graber /Switzerland 
2 Ari Holmstrom /Finland
3 Bernhard Egger /Austria 
4 Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany
5 Stefano Lucchi /Italy
6 Fabio Livi /Italy




Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany



Stephen Roberts /Great Britain



Alessandro Del Lungo /Italy


2010eu_kals.JPGAndreas Kals /Austria



Hans Emmenegger /Switzerland




Here is the result of  the finals Round 1.

1 Ennio Graber /Switzerland 
2 Stefano Lucchi /Italy
3 Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany          JR pilot
4 Ari Holmstrom /Finland 
5 Arnaud Poyet /France

Overall ranking so far is

1 Ennio Graber /Switzerland 
2 Ari Holmstrom /Finland 
3 Bernhard Egger /Austria 
4 Stefano Lucchi /Italy
5 Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany          JR pilot
6 Stephen Roberts /Great Britain    JR pilot 

Thank you

The FAI European Championships for F3C is being held from 15-24 JULY 2010, SIBIU, CISNADIE, ROMANIA.

Participating countries --- 10 countries

Entry numbers --- 28 people

Our company member Mr.Kunii is there to support TEAM JR.

The first 4 rounds are over now over .

The top 15 pilots who will compete for the championship title are-,

1 Ennio Graber /Switzerland 
2 Ari Holmstrom /Finland
3 Bernhard Egger /Austria
4 Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany
5 Stephen Roberts /Great Britain
6 Fabio Livi /Italy    
7 Andreas Kals /Austria
8 Wolfgang Worgas /Austria
9 Pascal Brianchon /France
10 Mark Christy /Great Britain
11 Alessandro Del Lungo /Italy
12 Stefano Lucchi /Italy
13 Arnaud Poyet /France
14 Hans Emmenegger /Switzerland
15 Laurent Lombard /France

All of these 15 pilots are using electric version helicopter.

There were 4 pilots using engine helicopter during the elimination round.  


 2010eu_1.jpg  <---  This is Uwe Kiesewetter /Germany. JR pilot

 DSC_0043 (2).JPG  <--- This is Steve Roberts / Great Britain JR pilot

Good luck for all!

Steve,thank you for the pictures.

Thank you


Detroit Michigan USA 2010

There was an annual heli event in Detroit on 25th to 27th/June.

Here is a report from Scott.

New Team JR/Horizon member "Big D" Darrell Bell put on another annual
heli event in Detroit.  The field is nice with 3 flight lines. 
About 110 pilots attended including many well known heli pilots 
representing most heli brands.  

Event was 3 days of general flying and demos.  I did some setups for
people and allowed some pilots to fly my Vibe 90SG heli.  
This went well until during one flight with another pilot at the 
controls it boom struck and crashed!  Turns out it was older O-ring 
dampeners and this probably allowed too much blade movement.  
Damage was not too bad,and even though there was a crash, those who
tried it really liked how it flew!

I also flew Super Gracy with SY90 and flybarless Vibe 90SG.
Flybarless helis are becoming very popular, and there were many types 
at this event.

Most pilots had JR servos, JR or Spektrum radios, and about 50% nitro,
50% electric helis.  Seems most pilots like Nitro for bigger helis 
since it is less charging and batteries to carry around.  
Nitro was more popular for 90 size 3D helis.

A great event, relaxed atmosphere with good friends and pilots.
DSC07677.JPG  DSC07672.JPG  detroitfield.jpg
DSC07676.JPG Scotts payback.jpg  

Thank you Scott!

[New Products] E12 Conversion Set

Now, It's available!!


Pinion Gear T10/T11/T12, Motor Mount, Bearing Block with Bearing 10x19x7, Carbon Main Frame, Frame Support, Gyro Mount, Battery Mount Plate, Frame Lower Bracket, Brace Adapter Plate.

Motor, Speed Controller and Battery are not included.

Gear Ratio:
T10 Pinion Gear 9.6:1:4.65
T11 Pinion Gear 8.73:1
T12 Pinion Gear 8:1



Actual products may vary from photo.


Now, It's available!!

Complete set for Vibe90SG

All parts for Flybarless rotor head are contained.Gyro System is not included.



Conversion set for Vibe90SG

This set contains only the parts for converting normal rotor head to flybarless rotor head. 





Scottish Helicopter Nationals 2010

Scottish Helicopter Nationals was held in the Scottish city of Aberdeen on 12-13th/Jun.

Here is a report from Steve from MacGregor.


Several classes of helicopter competition were flown including F3C,
Clubmans F3C, F3N & Scale.

F3C results:

1st   Steve Roberts, Sylphide 90 E, DSX12
2nd  Matt Reuben, Airskipper 90 E, DSX12
3rd   Roger Mayo, Vibe 90, DSX12
4th   Mike Gilfillian, Hirobo Freya, DSX12
5th   Dave Wilshere, MA Ion X, DSX9
6th   Jon Kemp, TT Raptor 90, Futaba


1st   Stuart McCallum, MA Fury, DSX9
2nd  Jon Gardiner, Trex, Spektrum
3rd   Peter Christy, Vigor, DSX9


1st   Craig Tosh, Spektrum
2nd  Sebastian Zajonz, Futaba
3rd   Steve Roberts, Vibe 500E flybarless, DSX12


1st    Nikk Clark, DSX9
2nd   Brett Houghton, DSX9
3rd    Pete Christy, DSX9

Picture attached of the F3C winners.


Thank you Steve and  congratulations!!


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