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Free style Japan GP 2010

Free style Japan GP was held under new FAI  F3N rule at Ojima RC sky port, Gunma prefecture on August 28th and 29th. It's very very hot day! 
Even in this very hot weather,there were more visitors than last year!

From Team JR, Mr. Kuwahara got the second and Mr. Iwasa  got the third place. 

DSC_0449.JPG   DSC_0420.JPG  DSC_0174.JPG
DSC_0340.JPG   DSC_0059.JPG  DSC_0066.JPG


[New Products] Option prats for VIBE 90SG

Main Drive Gear T98
Compatible:  VIBE 90SG

Compare to a genuine gear, this one has two more teeth and so you can change the gear ratio to low. This has led to keeping the engine power even during a very active flight.
Also,because this gear is able to be installed to E-12 electric as well, you'll have a wide selection of your helicopters set up.


[New Products] GSR260Z SPORTS

A long time seller "Voyager GSR260" has reborn as "GSR260Z" and it's been selling well. To follow this popularity, the GSR260Z SPORTS a large sport heli is now joined to our product lineup. Because this is a gasoline powered heli, it's a low running and maintenance costs.


260z_right.jpg   260zs_left.jpg

Specification Comparison

 Overall Length 1,623mm
 Overall width 380mm 210mm
 Overall height 704mm 472mm
 Gross Weight
 (including rotor blades)
7,800g? 7,150g?
 Main rotor diameter 1,765mm
 Tail rotor diameter 288mm
 Gear Ratio 8:1:5.18 6.77:1:5.18
 Practical Payload 4,000?5,000g -

The GSR260Z SPORTS is a unique gasoline powered precision sport heli.
Designed to be ultra strong with low running and maintenance costs,
the GSR260Z Sports will provide very long flight times with great flight
Standard features include carbon main rotor and tail blades, and full FRP
fuselage set!

GSR260Z SPORTS Assembly kit w/Engine


[New Products] VIBE SG E12

Keeping up the high performance of the Vibe90SG, frame configuration has been changed for electric. 3 kinds of pinion gears are included for customer to choose the best combination suiting their own flight style. Conversion set is also available which contains the minimum of necessary parts. Customers can convert their own Vibe90SG to electric with a reasonable price using this set. On top of that, Flybarless kit is also available which is getting more and more popular these days!

Img0014.jpg VIBE SG E12 Assembly Kit

Img0008.jpg VIBE SG E12 Assembly Kit
w/Flybarless rotor head

VIBE SG E12 Specification

  • Overall Length: 1359mm
  • Overall Width: 184mm
  • Overall Height: 423mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter 1600mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 288mm
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 3.6kg
    (excluding main rotor blades and batteries)
  • Main Rotor Head:
    No.98042 Standard Type
    No.98043 Flybarless Type

Pinion Gear and Gear ratio

  Gear Ratio Guideline of KV value 
 Pinion Gear T10 9.6 :1:4.65 KV500-560
 Pinion Gear T11 8.73:1:4.65 KV450-500
 Pinion Gear T12 8:1:4.65 KV400-450

※Three kinds of Pinion gears are included.

Guideline of ESC:
Lipo 12S 100A or more

Guideline of Battery:
6S4500-5500mAh Lipo x 2
The maximum battery size can be loaded is length 175mm.

Actual products may vary from photo.
The contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Motor, Speed Controller, Battery, Main and Tail Rotor Blades, Flybar Paddles,
Servos and Electronics are not included in the kit.

German Championship F3C 2010

German Championship F3C 2010 was held last weekend.
Great news is that  Uwe Kiesewetter a Team JR pilot won the last round with the max
score of 6000!!
And of course he became the champion of  year 2010.

Here is a report from Andy Kessler.

I was to the final round of the German F3C Championships last weekend.
The weather was very nice on Saturday. Sunday was rainy like Friday again.
The local club made a great event!

1. Uwe Kiesewetter Sylphide E12 /11X ZERO / K&S PT96440 TYPE 3 Thunder Power
2. Stephan Wachsmuthn Thunder Power
3. Dominik Haegele
4. Rene Petersen Sylphide E12

8. Christian Ellermann Sylphide 90
10. Jörg Tute Sylphide E12

As guests for teh last round:
Andy Gasser SUI Sylphide E12 Thunder Power
Andy Kessler SUI Sylphide E12 / PCM12X / K&S PT96440 TYPE 3 Thunder Power

Sport F3C

4. Jürgen Slomma Sylphide E12
5. Claus Schroeder Sylphide EP

Here are the pictures. Take a look!

IMG_7560.JPG  IMG_7457.JPG  IMG_7582.JPGIMG_7471.JPG  IMG_7601.JPG  IMG_7627.JPG
Andy san, Thank you for your report and great photos. 


US NATS 2010 Final result

Here is the final result.

1. Curtis Youngblood
2. Nicholas Maxwell
3. Shinya Kunii (JR)
4. Wayne Mann

Based on this result, Curtin, Nicholas and Wayne has been chosen as members of American
for the F3C world championship in year 2011.

IRCHA has slready started from today.
It's crowded more than last year!


Report by Shinya Kunii

Here is a report from Kunii from JR.

Preliminary round 4 --- canceled due to the rain and a thunder  

Result of Final round 1
1. Curtis Youngblood
2. Nicholas Maxwell
3. Shinya Kunii
4. Dwight Shilling

Final round 2 has already finished but summary math hasn't come out yet,
but most likely  Curtis will be the 1st. Nicholas or Dwight will be 2nd?
Dwight and Wayne Mann are better than I expected.
about me... tail didn't get steady when I did "Pull-Back".
Well,I just have to try my best for last rouund tomorrow.

Attached photo is Ito-kun doing "calibration flight".


Thank you
Shinya Kunii

This time, from JR, we have Shinya Kunii and Mooney Takamura(overseas sales person) there.
And Hiroki Ito(Team JR) a world champion is with them as Kunii's helper!
With this great combination, we are excited to see how far Kunii can go.

Here are the detail of helicopter mechanism.

Helicopter 1: Sylphide E12 with New Super Gracy
Helicopter 2 : Sylphide E12 with FRP half body (for AS90)
Transmitter : DSX12/RD931
Swash servo : DS8305
Gyro : G7000T + MP80G
Regulator : REG-015

Rotor head : ASG rotor head90
Main rotor : Funky720mm(K&S)
Tail rotor : carbon 105mm(JR)
Flybar Paddle : Funtech FAI
Flybar : 480mm
RX battery : Thunder Power 1800/1350mAh for receiver

Motor : K&S Kv560
amp : Spin125
Battery : Thunder Power 6 cell 5000mAh
Gear ratio : 12 : 1

Kunii san, Go for it !! 




US NATS 2010 is being held at Muncie IN in USA.

Here is the result of -,
Preliminary 2nd round.
1. Curtis Youngblood
2. Nicholas Maxwell
3.Shinya Kunii
4.Wayne Mann

Preliminary 3rd round.
1. Curtis Youngblood
2. Shinya Kunii
3.Nicholas Maxwell
4.Wayne Mann

Attached Photo is a current interim rankings.


Tomorrow,  there will be Preliminary round 4 in the morning and final first round
will start  in the afternoon.
The day after tomorrow is the final round 2 and 3.

Curtis has been great and Nicholas is also good.especially his hovering manoeuvers
is great.

F pattern in the final will decide everything!


Report by Kunii from JR

Take a look at our photo gallery on F3C European Championship !

Click here!

Thank you


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