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KW Flying Dutchen 41st Annual Scale Rally R/C Airshow was held in Canada on 11th - 12th/Sep.

This is a report from Scott.

This event is Canada's largest r/c event. It was the 41st annual event this year, with very good turn out of pilots, airplanes, and spectators. This is my home club, and they have always been very active promoting r/c to the public. The event is not only a fun fly, but a scale airshow and only airplanes modelled after real aircraft are allowed to enter. Each day there is a 2 hour long halftime show with commentary and demonstrations of all kinds of r/c aircraft. It has become a very popular event for public spectators, and helps get more people into the hobby.

Over 1500 spectators were present for the event, and more than 200 r/c airplanes and pilots. I did r/c heli demos each day at the show times of 3D heli flight to music with a Vibe 90SG. This was my 17th time attending this event to demo helicopter. The helicopter is always a crowd favorite since it is mainly an airpalne event. There were jets, and candy drop airpalne for the kids and all other eras of airplanes shown. The very popular Saturday night fly was rained out this year, but there was good weather during both days otherwise.

JR and Spektrum are quite popular for the airplane pilots here, but there are still a good number of 72mhz being used. A number of other Team JR/Horizon members were present from Canada and USA as well, and they did some great demos.

DSC08164.JPG DSC08167.JPG DSC08172.JPG

DSC_0441.JPG DSC_0475.JPG


Thank you Scott for your report and nice photos.

France National Championship 2010

France National Championship was held in Rouille France from 26th/Aug to 29th/Aug.
This information was given by Remi Romagnan.

This event is F3C/F3N since two years now and it's the biggest competition in the country.
With 44 participants, 20 in F3N and 22 in F3C. The fight was tight in all categories. 

In F3C international series, Arnaud Poyet won for the second time with 4 wonderfull
flights just in front of Laurent Lombard and Pascal Brianchon.

In F3C national series, the young Benjamin Jumel won easily with 2 rounds at 1000 on 3,
followed by 14 years old Pierre Gutierrez and Remi Romagnan(SYE12, 12x radio, Ak MOD 720mm blades, Thunder Power 5500 20C bat,Pyro 700 engine,CC80 HV ICE)

F3C International podium

Oliver Delbouys and Remi Romagnan with Arnaud Poyet(center)

with Sylphide E12

Thank you

11X ZERO has released with new software (Version:0001-0002) if you have
previous software and would like to update, down load the data from here.

11xzero.jpg [Download] 1.73MB

Corresponding type of transmitter: (11X ZERO : NET-P111ES)
Note: This specific transmitter part number is indicated on the back of the

Carefully note in advance that this software update can be only apply to
above transmitter.
There is no compatibility on some of the 11X transmitter sold globally.
If you try to update your transmitter other than above transmitter shall
causes failure to the transmitter resulting critical damages to the internal

BMFA National Championships 2010

The annual BMFA National Championships was held last weekend over a national holiday weekend. Here is a report from Steve(Team JR) .

All RC & control line disciplines are flown on an operational RAF airfield which we take over for 4 days!

F3C, Sports F3C, Scale and F3N were the helicopter disciplines flown.

The weather was not too good (normal for the UK!) with winds approaching 12m/s for
most of the weekend which at times were blowing in our faces.

F3C results:

1st Steve Roberts Team JR, Sylphide 90 E, JR radio.
2nd Mark Christy, Next D Rave 90, Futaba
3rd Dave Fisher, Avro, JR 11x

This contest also made up the 2nd leg to our team selection trials for the 2011 World Championships in Italy.

The team that will be going is Steve Roberts, Mark Christy & Dave Fisher with
Roger Mayo (team JR) as the reserve pilot.

BMFA national DSC_0010.JPG



Thank you Steve and congratulations!
We are very happy for you.



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