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2010 AOCC-F3C report 9

The final round 3 has finished and competition has successfully ended.
In the team competition,Team Japan won.

Here is the result of an individual match.
1. Hashimoto
2. Sensui
3. Dobashi
4. Kobayashi

Congratulations on Team Japan!
Thank you for all pilots and supporters.


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2010 AOCC-F3C report 8

The final round1 has finished.


Thank you

2010 AOCC-F3C report 7

Yesterday(21st/Oct) was supposed to be a practice day for the final but
no flights due to the typhoon.
They went back to the hotel and had some rest.



Thank you

The latest catalog 2010

JRPROPO All Products Catalog You can download our latest catalog "The Wing 50" from the top page of this site.

*Japanese version only

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2010 AOCC-F3C report 6

Here are some pictures of Team Japan taken by Kunii.
No photo of Kobayashi as Kunii is being his helper...



Hashimoto(defending champion)


Thank you

2010 AOCC-F3C report 5

Here is a report from Kunii. He is there for Mr.Kobayashi's helper.

It seems that Japan Team needs time to be motivated,just because we
finished F3C Japan championship only a week ago
and still quite tired from that. But once the round started, they
perform the way they always do.

First day (preliminary round 1 and 2)
Practice field had a very strong wind(stronger than 8m) near-daily but
competition field(ALIGN airfield) have no wind.
Japanese pilots have a close game but especially Kobayashi and Dobashi
are doing well.

Second day (preliminary round 3 and 4)
Dobashi is doing well in round 3.
He practiced "Inside loop with pirouette" many times and performed very
well at his real part.
Round 4 was started from afternoon. maybe because of the typhoon, squall
gives pilots difficult time.
Especially Sensui had to perform in the difficult situation but even
though he showed us an excellent flight.

Final round starts from Fri.
After the preliminary round, the pilots started practicing for the final
In this competition, 2 pilots from Korea(Park Min Su and Choi Won Ho)
will be a strong rival against Japanese pilots.
As far as I see their practice flights, it looks they'll be able to
perform F pattern quite well.

Choi Won Ho

Park Min Su

Thank you


2010 AOCC-F3C report 4 Preliminary round 3&4

Round 3 result

Round 4 result

Thank you

Hobby Show 2

Here are some photos from Makuhari Hobby show, 14th to 17th/Oct.


img_02.jpg img_01.jpg

New  XG7
dmss_04.jpg dmss_01.jpg dmss_02.jpg dmss_03.jpg

New  Liner hall sensing servo
servo_01.jpg servo_02.jpg

New  90 size Erectric helicopter
heli_01.jpg heli_02.jpg

Concept model
concept_01.jpg heli_05.jpg

Other item
heli_07.jpg dsm2_01.jpg heli_03.jpg

Thank you for all coming.

2010 AOCC-F3C report 3

There are 5 countries, 14 pilots.
Like Japan championship couple of weeks ago, there are more pilots using
electric helicopter,it's 80%
in this competition.

Preliminary round 3 and 4 will be take place today.
Final round will be on 22nd and 23rd.


Chinese Taipei Yen Chen Tse (SY-E12)

Chinese Taipei Chen A Chin (AS-E12)

Chinese Taipei Tseng An Tang (AS-E12)

Thailand Niwat Tirawat (SY90)

2010 AOCC-F3C report 2 Preliminary round 2

Here are the result.

1. Dobashi
2. Hashimoto
3. Kobayashi
4. Sensui


2010 AOCC-F3C report 1 Preliminary round 1

2010 F3C Asian Oceanic Continental Championship is being held in Taiwan.
There are Mr.Kobayashi, Mr.Sensui, Mr Dobashi and Mr.Hashimoto(defending
in Team Japan.
Kunii is there for support for JR fliers.

Click here for official site.

Currently,preliminary round 1 has finished and Mr.Kobayashi is in 1st.


The 50th All Japan Mokei Hobby Show 2010

JR is going to display at Mokei Hobby Show which will be held from 14th to 17th Oct in Makuhari Messe, Chiba-City.

The 50th All Japan Mokei Hobby Show 2010

[Public day]
16th(Sat) 10:00 - 17:00
17th(Sun) 10:00 - 16:30

[Business day]
14th(Thu) 10:00 - 16:30
15th(Fri)  10:00 - 16:30

[Entry fee]
1,000JPY * free for under junior high school student

JR also attend a radio Control neofesta.
Maker's Demo flight  12:45-13:00
RC helicopter experience flying 13:00-13:30
Maker's demo flight 15:40-15:55

JR booth is hall 9 ,J23map.gif

*During this period, JR customer service and engineers are out off office.
Therefore we may ask you to wait for our reply about your mechanical questions and repairing request.
We are sorry for any inconvenience will be caused during this period.
Thank you very much



F3C JAPAN Championship Result


Hiroki Ito(Team JR) got a high score at Final round 1 and made his Fifth consecutive championship title.

After the round 1, Nonogaki was in the 2nd place and Kunii was in the 3rd place.
When the 2nd round started, the rain stopped.
Nonogaki got 0.5points more than Ito's score. and Sensui ,Dobashi also followed up with pretty good points.
And this has turned Ito on!
Everyone even judges were fascinated by his great performance and he finally scored 480points.
With this score, who can beat him !?

In the final phase an expert Hashimoto scored after Ito and the ranking has changed.
Kunii's 2nd round didn't go so well. He almost got the podium but Hashimoto took it out of him...

It was a very exciting competition to watch.

Though Kunii missed his podium, finished 4th and he will be seeded next year.
This result also made him some confidence for going to the World championship trial.

Through this competition, I saw Ito's very competitive, "never give up attitude " and his strength for putting it into his performance. Also I was very surprised that Nonogaki improved his performance drastically. Very exciting to see how far the following generation can go.

Final result
1. Hiroki Ito (JR)
2. Takashi Nonogaki (JR)
3. Manabu Hashimoto
4. Shinya Kunii (JR)
5. Yasuichi Sawamura
6. Yukihiro Dobashi

*12 pilots out of 40 used JR helicopter.
*7 pilots in the final used JR helicopter.
*24 pilots out of 40 used the Electronic helicopter .(60% of the total)

Thank you everyone.

Report by Nishida

F3C JAPAN Championship Preliminary round 1

Here are the ranking of Preliminary round 1.

1. HIroki Ito                     1,000
2. Kazuyuki Sensui         948.35
3. Manabu Hashimoto   942.15
3. Shinya Kunii                942.15
5. Yukihiro Dobashi        935.95

Tomorrow is Preliminary round 2 and 15 pilots to the final will be chosen .

Good weather , not too hot not too cold.
But sometimes wind is quite strong. 
Good luck ! 

[Discontinued] SPINDLE SHAFT for 50

We would like to inform you that part SPINDLE SHAFT has become end of life due to specification changes.

[Discontinue parts]

Spindle shaft (No.96139) :
Vibe 50

Spindle shaft (No.61310) :
Airskipper 50 Type2/Type2CF/Type2PRO

[Modified part]

SPINDLE SET 50 (with Thrust Bearing)
*For your first time change, please purchase this item.

SPINDLE SHAFT (M5 bolt specified)
*After your helicopter has been modified with No.61492 , you can purchase this item. 

[How the specification changed?]
To improve safety ,diameter of bolt which secure the spindle and Thrust Bearing have got bigger.

F3C JAPAN Championship 2010 has started  at Kinu Green Park radio control field in Tochigi pref.

There are 40 pilots including Mr. Ito(Team JR), a champion for the past 4 times in a row are fight for this year's Japanese Champion.

7th/Oct  Opening ceremony
8th         Preliminary round
9th         Preliminary round
10th       Final

We'll be keep updating the latest situation.

You can also see the details and breaking news of the competition at [F3C JAPAN site].
※This is not an official site of Japan Model Aeronautic Federation.

Details about the competition is also shown at  [Japan Model Aeronautic Federation RC helicompter  commission].

Picture from last year.

Good luck for everyone!!


This case is basically for mSR helicopter.
But you can just take the sponge out of it and put anything you want.
There are two separated pockets inside of the upper side of the case.

Aluminum Carrying case.


[New Products] SYE12 MECHANISM SET

This frame conversion set will allow your Sylphide 90 series helicopter to
become one of the latest generation of electric models. A new thicker
helical drive gear offers improved durability and reduced transmission
noise. Our unique carbon frames are designed to allow easy installation of
your chosen motor, battery and ESC. New swash control components were
designed to give the most precise F3C flight characteristics possible. With
these parts, you will be able to develop your current Sylphide to use the
latest in electric propulsion systems. A genuine half body or Super Gracy
fuselage can be installed without any modification.

Compatible: Sylphide90/90C.Model

SYE12 MECHANISM SET (for Airskipper)
Compatible: Airskipper90CE/90CF


Actual products may vary from photo.
The contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Motor, Speed Controller and Battery are not included.



[New Products] E12 CONVERSION SET

It features all-new custom designed frames and electric drive system. 
A spiral gear transmission and rigid frame design reduces noise and
increases power transfer.
This set is the best step up into 90 size electric high performance helis
at an affordable price.

E12 conversion set for the AIRSKIPPER 90
Compatible: Airskipper90 series (You must use metal main rotor grips)




Actual products may vary from photo.
The contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Motor, Speed Controller and Battery are not included.

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