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Support Pilot information

David Souriot
Born in 1995
Flying RC helicopter since October 2008



VIBE90SG Movie

Event information

3DX Philippines
Location:  Liwasang Ipil-Ipil Cultural Center
Date:  July 2 2011
Principal Sponsor: JRPROPO

Official Web Site


Spanish Championship F3C
24th - 26th June 2011

It´s a pleasure to inform you that the pilot Mr. Daniel Ojamguren Marin won the Spanish Championship F3C.
He is a JR pilot for long time, He will go to the word Championship in Italy.



Report by Speed Hobbys S.L

Report from JR distributor

AHA F3C contest
1st May 2011


1st Steve Roberts (Sylphide E12 / Super Gracy type 2 / DSX12)

2nd Mark Christy

3rd Matt Rueben

[Sport F3C]

1st Jon Kemp (Airskipper 90CE / DSX9)

2nd Jason Markey (Airskipper 90 / DSX11)

The new Vibe E8 was also on show


Austrian Heli Masters
27th - 29th May 2011

The UK F3C & F3N teams went to Austria for the Heli Masters.
Lots of top European pilots attended and even Curtis Youngblood from USA.

11may27-29_ahm_01.jpg 11may27-29_ahm_02.jpg

Report by MacGregor Industries

Carinthia Heli Masters
27th - 29th May 2011

1st Bernhard Egger
2nd Curtis Younglood
3rd Andreas Kals Austria (Syslphide E10)
4th Stephan Wachsmuth GER (Sylphide E12)
5th Steve Roberts UK (PCM12X / Sylphide E12)

Report by Andy Kessler

Coffs Harbour Heli Fest
19th - 22nd May 2011

The Coffs Helifest was very successful with approximately 150 pilots attending including Bobby Watts and Bert Kammerer from the USA.

Our team pilots flew the Vibe NEX-E8 and Vibe 50 NEX together with Vibe 90SG.

They reported to me that the interest level was very high for the Nex-E8. Our pilots were very happy and impressed with how it flew.


Report by Michael O'Reilly

[New Products] FBL Rotor Head 50

The FBL rotor head from the VIBE50NEX FBL kit is now going to be released as an optional item.
This has a minimum parts you can convert your model to the FBL version.
We also have 84036 which has all the necessary parts for the rotor head.

* Gyro is not included. FBL Rotor Head with 3 Axis Gyro will be released soon.



Conversion Set NEX
Manual Download [PDF/1.73MB]

Complete Set

fbl_rh50_02.jpg fbl_rh50_03.jpg fbl_rh50_04.jpg

Option parts.(Included as standard with VIBE50NEX FBL KIT)

Gyro frame set
Gyro control unit is able to mount on the front.

Swash Control Base (Metal)



International Model Circus is going to be held from 24-26th/Jun in Paris.


Some of JR products will be displayed there. (JR distributor / T2M


Official website

Joe wins with JR XG8

Joe won the big glider competition in Australia with the XG8 radio. It created a lot of interest.



Report from JR distributor

Jet Modellers association AGM/Fly-in
26-27th Mar, 2011


Charmouth Helicopter fly-in
2-3rd Apr, 2011


AHA Season opener
April 9, 2011



Report by MacGregor Industries

GAM CUP report

GAM CUP was held in Zhengzhou, China.

gamcup02 gamcup03 gamcup04

gamcup05 gamcup06 gamcup07

A very large area of the practice field for actual airplanes was chartered.

There were various competitions/games such as helicopter 3D free style,F3A competition, Scale models and "knock down bottles" game.
Everyone from beginners to advanced could enjoy this competition event.
We were overwhelmed by so many participants and audiences there.

We JR sent 3 pilots for demo flight.
Mark Leseberg from USA, very famous for giant scale airplane, Chen Zarfati from Israel, well-known 3D helicopter pilot and Uchida from JR staff.
People cheered for a splendid and spectacular performance by Mark's acrobatic flight with giant gasoline model.
Even the local 3D flyer were thrilled by Chen's world's top level 3D flight with VIBE SG E12.
JR Uchida made an appeal to people, a high quality and high performance of GSR260Z and opened the possibility of expanding more JR products in China.

They always lightly complied with people who asking for their autograph and pictures after their flights.
That's really a champion!


Thank you

JR Heli Cup 2011 started !

JR Heli Chugoku Regional Cup was held in Okayama pref. on 5th/Jun.


chugoku02 chugoku03 chugoku04

We are going to have more of JR Heli Cup around Japan !

26th/Jun Hokkaido
3th/Jul Kansai
17th/Jul Southern Kanto

[Dates TBA]

JR Heli Cup 2011
(Japanese Only)

Thank you

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