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Piotrkow Poland 2011

Attached you will find the pictures from our Helicopter Funfly here in Piotrkow Poland 2011.





Report by Clear Shot

Swiss Cup F3C 2011

The SWISS CUP F3C's last round was held in Brislach near Basel.
The competitors enjoyed the nice summer weather and the hospitality of the local club MFV Brislach.

SWISS CUP is Switzerland's competition for F3C beginners. The shedules are not as demanding as teh international F3C schedule.

This years CUP PROMOTION CLASS was won by Fabian Bersier using a JR
Sylphide E10 and a 11X radio.

The last round was won as well from Fabian.

3rd round results:
1. Fabian Bersier
2. Dieter Landolt
3. Andreas Stadler


1. Fabian Bersier
2. Andreas Stadler
3. Dieter Landolt

Thank you to everyone for using a JR Heli.

The event was sponsored by AKmod, JR PROPO, K&S, Thunder Power and 
other companies

Mit freundlichen Grussen / Best Regards




Swiss-Cup2011 Siegerfoto.jpg


Report by AKmod GmbH



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French Championship in the F3M International class was held on July 2011 in France, and Mr. Nicolas Detry, Team JR Pilot, got victory.




F3M is one of the category in large Aerobatics Power Model Aircraft, faithful scale down model airplane from the actual aerobatic plane, compete in KNOWN, UNKNOWN and FREE events under FAI rule.  The pilots have to submit the 3-dimension drawing of their model to fly at the registration, and need to get the approval in Model Processing to be a competitor at the championship.  And of course the airplane has to be Radio Control Model.

The regulation of the model is as follows:

  • Monoplane  ... over 2.1m square (Wingspan)   
  • Biplane ... Over 1.8 square  (Wingspan)
  • Weight ... 120kgs or less. (excluding fuel)
  • Noise ... 94dB or less.

Mr. Nicolas Detry got his 6 titles in F3M category.
If the actual airplane is scaled down faithfully to the model, it is always difficult to fly because of its bad tendency naturally caused when scaled down. But it may also be a real pleasure to feel and overcome the difficulty.

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