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9th Annual JR Super Flight Show

Team JR presents R/C Aircraft Flight show! World Class winners of Team JR pilots will presents their high level flight technic and performance.
Not only for the RC fans,  RC Helicopter will drop candies from above for the kids.We plan to hold buddy box flying experience for those who interested in RC flying.
Related RC model manufactures or the shops have a mini show booth and temporary shops in the spectator area.
Date: April 8, 2012
Venue: Utsunomiya RC Flying Club Okamoto Flying field (Nakaoka-motomachi, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi-Pref.)
Notes: Free admission, Parking space available with parking charge 500YEN Parking ticket combined as raffle for great prize, Temporary lavatory available

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Rotor Live 2012 Movie

This video has been published on YouTube.


Rotor Live 2012 - Uwe Kiesewetter - Sylphide E12


Rotor Live 2012 - Hiroki Ito - Vibe NEX E8-FBL


Rotor Live 2012 - Hiroki Ito Ehrenflug - Freestyle Contest


Rotor Live 2012 - Hiroki Ito - Finale Freestyle Contest


The specialized RC helicopter magazine "ROTOR" which is publishing in Europa is providing "ROTOR LIVE 2012" on Mar.10-11.

3 Blade Rotor Head Demo Movie



JRPROPO -Multi Blade Rotor Head [Prototype]

 Airskipper E8-FBL

  • Rotor Head: 3 Blades Prototype
  • Main Rotor Blades: Radix600SB
  • Tail Blades: JR Carbon 95
  • Motor: JR NHM-4025(740KV)
  • Battery: 4cell 3,300mAh-65C (2packs)

 XG8 DMSS 2.4GHz Radio System

  • Gyro: Triple Axis Gyro System TAGS01
  • Swash Servo: FBL-DS01
  • Rudder Servo: MPH81G
  • RX: RG831B DMSS 2.4GHz Receiver

Pilot: Hiroki Ito (F3C World Champion /Team JR)

3 Blade Rotor Head - Further news !!



Here is some update information on the Multi Blade Rotor Head we will be releasing soon.

After we post some photos, we got many feedback from domestically and internationally.
The features of our multi rotor head are-,

Because there is no Flybar, every control is done by the main rotor. So, with 3 main blades, control speed gets quicker and you can have a more definite handling than when you have with two blades. With electric helicopters, you wouldn't need to worry about losing power.

Even when you lower the rotor RPM, it still has stability compare to two blade rotor head,and because response to small control is good,you feel pitch control easy.

You'll enjoy this multi rotor head not only for F3C flight but also for your 3D flight ! Combination of TAGS01,you'll have the best performance !!

We are also working on special main rotors for this multi rotor head.







 When you fold the rotors... We also need a special blade holder...


Rotor live 2012 report



The Rotor Live 2012 hosted by RC helicopter magazine, ROTOR was held on 10-11th/Mar. in Germany. During the event, there was a knockout competition with 16 of 3D pilots and Team JR Hiroki Ito won.

2 pilots compete against each other and better one go to next round. So always 14 other pilots judged these 2 pilots. Pilots showed a very high-level flights and everyone got so excited !







Flagship electric 3D helicopter, VIBE SG E12 FBL is just released in japan.

This model is renewed from previous model, VIBE SG E12. Here are the changes from previous model.

  • Main Frame L/R became simple in design but rigidity has increased.
  • New painted FRP Canopy
  • The Upper Swashplate has been improved. The Ball arm with 3mm screw is used for increase in durability.
  • The Main Gear has been changed to Helical type, T93.
  • Pinion gear T9,T10 and T11 are included.
  •  Aluminum Rotor Spacer is used to hold the main rotor blade more tightly.
  • Autorotation Assembly and Autorotation sleeve have been changed.
  • Metal part is now used to bearing so that the weight has got much lighter.









The mail rotor blade in this picture is the Carbon Main Rotor XB710-FBL,which will be released soon. We have been testing this blades for 90/E12 helicopters.



Vibe SG E12 FBL Specifications

Overall Length 53.50in
Overall Height 16.73in
Overall Width 7.16in
Main Rotor Dia. 63.18in
(with 720mm main rotor blades)
Tail Rotor Dia. 11.33in
Gross Weight 7.93lb or more
(not including main rotor blades and Battery)
Gear Ratio
[T9] 10.3:1:4.65
[T10] 9.3:1
[T11] 8.45:1

Battery Guide:
6cell 22.2V 4500-5500mAh Lipo (2pcs)
Length 175mm (maximum)

ESC Guide:
Li-po compatible 12cell 100A or greater

Motor Guide:
[T9] KV500-520
[T10] KV500-520
[T11] KV450



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