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Multi Blade Rotor Head MB351

We named an official JR brand name for Triple Rotor Head as "Multi Blade Rotor Head MB351"

We will start off releasing in market with 50class(600size) Helicopter.

We have not fixed the exact release date however, hopefully be released before summer 2012.
Kindly be patient for a little while.



We also plan to release rotor blades dedicated for this Multi Blade Rotor Head. We shall announce at similar timing as well.



This is developed not only for Electric application, it is also suitable use for Gas powered Helicopter. It does not require special setting comparison to conventional type rotor head.  By decreasing the rotor pitch a little, it is possible to obtain optimum setting. . As an advantage of  having one additional rotor blade, with extra lift, it actually able to set the rotor speed lower with optimum stabilization or enough pitch control therefore it is capable to achieve "Silent" flying. (As shown in the picture is Airskipper 50T2 PRO Domestic model)


 It would be best to perform with combination of TAGS01, and we shall provide necessary setting data along with G-Tune parameter data on Web site shortly depending on our models.

The 9th Annual JR Super flight show has been successfully completed with approximately 2,000 visitors.

To take this opportunity, JR PROPO  would like to thank  Mr. Yoshiaki Okamoto who is the member of Utsunomiya City council and also would like thank Mr. Shin Abe who is the honary commissioner head of Japan Model Aeronautic Federation in R/C Helicopter.  We deeply appreciate his kind presentation & kind words during the opening ceremony at this event.
Let us introduce  about this flying filed "Utsunomiya RC Flying club Okamoto" This Air field has recently approved by Ministry of  Land, (MLIT) in March 2012. We would like to thank again for the club members of this "Utsunomiya RC Flying club Okamoto" who is in charge of management at this air field and We also would like special thank to Citizen of Utsunomiya who helped to organize this event successful, we appreciate from our bottom of our heart to thank you all.
We also would like to thank to all of our RC suppliers, manufacturer who supported us to held this event  and contributors for the gifts, and volunteers who helped flying models during the demonstration flights.
Great appreciation to those of you have helped raising charity of  2011 March 11th great earth quake and Tsunami victims.  Unexpectedly, we have sold out 1,000set of  raffle tickets winning the prize.
Thanks again for all of our supporters, volunteers and Team JR members who flew models during this flight show at this time.
Thank you
Lastly We apologize for the inconvenience of some traffic at flying field parking space and some roads nearby.

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