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Here, we would like to introduce our new SY-E12 & new Super Gracy just about going to debut at this competition.

Sylphide E12-EX (tentative name) :
The tail part has got longer about 80mm.
Main rotor blades are 795mm.
This is equivalent to electric 800 size.

Super Gracy-EX (tentative name) :
To correspond to the longer tail, we re-design the rear body and renewed its color as well.



 Above 2 photos are JR helicopter division development manager ,Shinya Kunii's color scheme. We plan to release it with this color scheme.

F3C World Champion Hiroki Ito and Minoru Kobayashi from VJP are also competing with this Sylphide E12-EX & Super Gracy-EX



F3C World Champion Hiroki Ito's color scheme.
With this, he is going to challenge for his seventh consecutive japan championship titles.






JR contract pilot, Minoru Kobayashi's color scheme.






Front one is the original Super Gracy. and behind that is the new one.




We plan to release,

*SYLPHIDE E12-EX (tentative name)
*SUPER GRACY-EX (tentative name)

Though release date has not been decided yet, we hope to announce it officially in a short time.

2012 F3C JAPAN Championship

The 24th F3C Japan Champion ship will start from tomorrow at
Utsunomiya-city in Tochigi pref.
We will be reporting about it on our blog, FB and Twitter etc as soon as
we get information from there !

Date : October 4 to 7, 2012
Place : Utsunomiya RC Flying club Okamoto airfield (Utsunomiya-city in
Tochigi pref.)
Same place as we had JR Super Flight Show 2012 in April.
Host Organization :Japan Model Aeronautic Federation


enlarge the map


F3A Japan Championship JR Report -4

F3A Japan Championship results.

Winner Mr. Tetsuo ONDA
2nd Mr. Yoichiro AKIBA
3rd Mr. Koji SUZUKI
4th Mr. Hajime HATTA
5th Mr. Hajime YAMAGUCHI
Congratulations !!! You must be tired.




Model Acrobatic (F3A) Japan Championship 2012.

Date: September 27 - 30, 2012
Place: Satsumakawauchi-city, Kagoshima-Pref.
Host Organization :Japan Model Aeronautic Federation

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