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Spent one day to display the goods. Release some of JR new items ahead of Nuremberg Toy Fair.
Finally Nuremberg Toy Fair will open tomorrow. Getting nervous as always, and can't sleep tonight.

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Entrance of the Fair. "Mitte" is Center Entrance. "Ost" is East Entrance. (JR staff uses this entrance.)
Temperature today is abourt 3℃, relatively warm. The room temperature is well controlled and warm enough.

JR booth this year is located at "Model Construction, Hobby" area in Hall 7A.

>>International Toy Fair Nurnberg 2013 HP



The World leading toy fair, The 64th International Toy Fair Nuremberg, will be held from 30/January for 6 days. JR now report on-site from Nuremberg.

After more than 12 hours flight from Japan, JR staff finally arrived in Nuremberg. Japan is 8 hours ahead of Germany.
All JR staff went the Fair place in the fog of jet-lagged minds. The booth, we spent a lot of time to improve, is almost constructed. The display will be done tomorrow.

We are really excited to see the new products from over the world.




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