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Vibe SG E12 Replacement of main gear

This is to describe concerning the replacement of Main gear from former type to the latest Vibe SGE 12  "Hiroki Ito EDITION", it requires certain parts to be replaced at the same time due to installation of 18mm thickness main gear.

Following list are the minimum requirement parts in order to replace with latest 18mm thickness main gear.

61809 Helical main gear T93 V2(1pce.)
61806 Carbon main frame"Left" V2 w/Bearing (1pce.)
61807 Carbon main frame "Right" V2 w/Bearing(1pce.)
61812 Carbon Brace Adapter plate (1pce.)
70598 Cross member L32(1pce.)
70723 Cross member L32 "Round-end" (1pce.)
80193 Button head bolt M2.5x6(2pcs.)
96459 Servo mount plate set (1pce.)
96463 Beam cross member set (1pce.)

Kindly refer to the Parts List (i.e. exploded view) which shown at the down load page below. Data can be browse by PDF format. 

Web Link Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito EDITION Parts List

Shown on the left side is the ITO EDITION's 18mm helical main gear T93 V2 and shown on the right is the former type.

[Reference data]
Installation of main frame

Installation of Beam cross member

Installation of Carbon brace adapter plate

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