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The 10th JR Super Flight Show 2013, dated April 21 (Sun), was cancelled due to bad weather.
While the rain began to fall from the day before did not stop in the next morning, all JR staff, praying for the improvement of the weather, started setting up the booth in the 3℃ of "feels like" temperature.
Unfortunately all the staff could not do anything but stay in the tents.
Then we saw some visitors who were looking for this event came in the parking area in such an early morning.
But still raining heavily.... We needed to have a meeting with Team JR flyers to decide the cancellation of the event at 10:00am.

It is unfortunate to have this kind of outcome on the 10th commemorable event, but for the customers who visited this event, we displayed JR products and sold JR promotional goods in the tents.
As time passed, the rain slowed and the co-sponsored manufacturers started making small demos such as start the RC jet engines, etc.

The rain stopped and visitors came to the airport, and we hastily decided to show Mr. Ito's Champion flight.
After a hasty preparation, Ito made an awesome flight to the spectators with cheer.
After that co-sponsored manufacturers and Team JR pilots made several free flights for the spectators.

The lottery for charity was held as scheduled, and the winners were all smiling with the prizes.

After all, the president Mr. Kuyama's greeting to the audience, co-sponsored manufacturers as well as all Team JR staff, the event closed.

Lastly, we would like to sincerely thank you again, the audience who visited to this event in the rain, co-sponsored manufacturers and all the peoples for your help and supported JR Super Flight Show 2013.

We will try our best to have more attractive flight show next year 2014 !!
We are looking for seeing you again !!!
Set up the tent in the cold rain....
Visitors gathering around JR display tents in muddy field.
Visitors gathering around JR display tents in muddy field.
We have done every possible help to those customers who showed up at the Super flight show..even it was rainy condition.....
The owner of the jet airplane he has kindly started up the engine under the tent to demonstrate the real jet sound.....Amazing loud jet but it was not a noise for the RC enthusiasts.
Flight show was cancelled due to the rain however, many participants has waited to stop rain, and made some demonstrations. Started with Saito Engines....
Mr. Koshimizu , one of the top pilot in kanto region showed his acrobatic maneuvers.
F3D Pylon racing demonstration was amazingly fast speed!
Mr. Iwasa from Kanto region demonstrated 3D helicopter flight.
One of the Top DLG pilot Mr. Asazuma demostrated his flight performance as well as how he threw his glider....
F3C World Champion demostrated his 3D flight with Vibe SGE12
The lottery for charity was held as scheduled, and the winners were all smiling with the fancy prizes.
Unfortunately, flight show was cancelled due to rain however, we promise to perform better next year.
Please visit us next year at our JR Super Flight show !

Weak Signals RC Expo 2013 in Toledo

Weak Signals RC Expo 2013 in Toledo

The Weak Signals RC Expo 2013 was held on 5th and 7th/Apr. at Ohio in the states.
This is an annual and the largest hobby trade show in the states.

We JR PROPO and our USA distributor HORIZON HOBBY established the "JR Americas USA office".
And this is the first memorable exhibit for JR Americas USA office.

There are many many visitors came to our booth and people took our products in their hand to have a good look.

Here is a report from there.

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