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The OKOSHA Smackdown 2014 was held at Aerodome Blois-Breuil, near Blois, France on May 2nd - 4th.
This event has grown every year.
In 2009 there was a small gathering of around 50 pilots; this year there were about 200 pilot registrations, with visitors arriving from Italy and the UK.
Helicopters of all types are welcomed here, no matter the manufacturer or flying style. We saw everything from awesome extreme 3D to turbine powered scale models.
There are no entry fees, and many flight stations available - not to mention an on-site cafeteria and restrooms - so it is little wonder the event is so popular.
This year manufacturers were encouraged to have display tents at the field. JR PROPO displayed both helicopters and radios, with great support from French JR helicopter distributor FROGS, and French JR radio distributor T2M.
JR pilots performed demonstration flights of the FORZA 700 in Europe for the first time.
Many interested pilots gathered to witness the performance of this new helicopter, and none were disappointed.
We also flew the FORZA 450EX and FORZA 450, with our unique 3 blade head. The unique sound and superb performance of the 3 blade head amazed many pilots!

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