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IRCHA 2014 Day 4 Speed Cup

IRCHA Speed Cup winners, Scott Gray 1st, Hiroki Ito 3rd, and Forza700 takes 5 of top 7 places in Stock Speed class on 12s battery only!

[Team JR Flyers' result.]
1st Scott Gray 209.27km/h (130mph)
3rd Hiroki Ito 193.72km/h (120.3mph)
4th Bill Tinsley 189.68km/h (117.8mph)
6th Barron Guss 178.76km/h (111mph)
7th Georges Van Gansen 171.33km/h (106.4mph)

IRCHA Helicopter International 2014 Report 6

Day 4 at IRCHA 2014 with Team JR.

he final day of the event with much more flying, and gathering of all Team JR pilots at IRCHA.
A great display of many new Forza700's!
hank you to the JR Americas Team for all the great support at the event.

IRCHA Helicopter International 2014 Report 5

Unfortunately, Hiroki Ito was told not able to compete in One Competition at IRCHA , Thank you every one who cheered for him. May be next time !  Thank you !
Day 3 with Team JR at IRCHA 2014 the world's largest RC helicopter event. More great demonstrations today with 4x Forza team flight 3D plus speed Forza!

Day 2 photos of IRCHA 2014 with Team JR. Lots of great flying today and many demo flights with JR DMSS radios TAGS Mini FBL, new Forza700, and many JR helis by our team!

Day 2 at IRCHA 2014 with Team JR Hiroki Ito, Scott Gray, Bill Tinsley, and Barron Guss competing in Stock Class with Forza700's for speed runs. Forza 700 is achieving over 210km/h straight line speed! Official results coming soon--

Day 1 at IRCHA 2014 with Team JR

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