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Vibe SG E12 Replacement of main gear

This is to describe concerning the replacement of Main gear from former type to the latest Vibe SGE 12  "Hiroki Ito EDITION", it requires certain parts to be replaced at the same time due to installation of 18mm thickness main gear.

Following list are the minimum requirement parts in order to replace with latest 18mm thickness main gear.

61809 Helical main gear T93 V2(1pce.)
61806 Carbon main frame"Left" V2 w/Bearing (1pce.)
61807 Carbon main frame "Right" V2 w/Bearing(1pce.)
61812 Carbon Brace Adapter plate (1pce.)
70598 Cross member L32(1pce.)
70723 Cross member L32 "Round-end" (1pce.)
80193 Button head bolt M2.5x6(2pcs.)
96459 Servo mount plate set (1pce.)
96463 Beam cross member set (1pce.)

Kindly refer to the Parts List (i.e. exploded view) which shown at the down load page below. Data can be browse by PDF format. 

Web Link Vibe SG E12 Hiroki Ito EDITION Parts List

Shown on the left side is the ITO EDITION's 18mm helical main gear T93 V2 and shown on the right is the former type.

[Reference data]
Installation of main frame

Installation of Beam cross member

Installation of Carbon brace adapter plate

Multi Blade Rotor Head MB351

We named an official JR brand name for Triple Rotor Head as "Multi Blade Rotor Head MB351"

We will start off releasing in market with 50class(600size) Helicopter.

We have not fixed the exact release date however, hopefully be released before summer 2012.
Kindly be patient for a little while.



We also plan to release rotor blades dedicated for this Multi Blade Rotor Head. We shall announce at similar timing as well.



This is developed not only for Electric application, it is also suitable use for Gas powered Helicopter. It does not require special setting comparison to conventional type rotor head.  By decreasing the rotor pitch a little, it is possible to obtain optimum setting. . As an advantage of  having one additional rotor blade, with extra lift, it actually able to set the rotor speed lower with optimum stabilization or enough pitch control therefore it is capable to achieve "Silent" flying. (As shown in the picture is Airskipper 50T2 PRO Domestic model)


 It would be best to perform with combination of TAGS01, and we shall provide necessary setting data along with G-Tune parameter data on Web site shortly depending on our models.

3 Blade Rotor Head Demo Movie



JRPROPO -Multi Blade Rotor Head [Prototype]

 Airskipper E8-FBL

  • Rotor Head: 3 Blades Prototype
  • Main Rotor Blades: Radix600SB
  • Tail Blades: JR Carbon 95
  • Motor: JR NHM-4025(740KV)
  • Battery: 4cell 3,300mAh-65C (2packs)

 XG8 DMSS 2.4GHz Radio System

  • Gyro: Triple Axis Gyro System TAGS01
  • Swash Servo: FBL-DS01
  • Rudder Servo: MPH81G
  • RX: RG831B DMSS 2.4GHz Receiver

Pilot: Hiroki Ito (F3C World Champion /Team JR)

3 Blade Rotor Head - Further news !!



Here is some update information on the Multi Blade Rotor Head we will be releasing soon.

After we post some photos, we got many feedback from domestically and internationally.
The features of our multi rotor head are-,

Because there is no Flybar, every control is done by the main rotor. So, with 3 main blades, control speed gets quicker and you can have a more definite handling than when you have with two blades. With electric helicopters, you wouldn't need to worry about losing power.

Even when you lower the rotor RPM, it still has stability compare to two blade rotor head,and because response to small control is good,you feel pitch control easy.

You'll enjoy this multi rotor head not only for F3C flight but also for your 3D flight ! Combination of TAGS01,you'll have the best performance !!

We are also working on special main rotors for this multi rotor head.







 When you fold the rotors... We also need a special blade holder...





Flagship electric 3D helicopter, VIBE SG E12 FBL is just released in japan.

This model is renewed from previous model, VIBE SG E12. Here are the changes from previous model.

  • Main Frame L/R became simple in design but rigidity has increased.
  • New painted FRP Canopy
  • The Upper Swashplate has been improved. The Ball arm with 3mm screw is used for increase in durability.
  • The Main Gear has been changed to Helical type, T93.
  • Pinion gear T9,T10 and T11 are included.
  •  Aluminum Rotor Spacer is used to hold the main rotor blade more tightly.
  • Autorotation Assembly and Autorotation sleeve have been changed.
  • Metal part is now used to bearing so that the weight has got much lighter.









The mail rotor blade in this picture is the Carbon Main Rotor XB710-FBL,which will be released soon. We have been testing this blades for 90/E12 helicopters.



Vibe SG E12 FBL Specifications

Overall Length 53.50in
Overall Height 16.73in
Overall Width 7.16in
Main Rotor Dia. 63.18in
(with 720mm main rotor blades)
Tail Rotor Dia. 11.33in
Gross Weight 7.93lb or more
(not including main rotor blades and Battery)
Gear Ratio
[T9] 10.3:1:4.65
[T10] 9.3:1
[T11] 8.45:1

Battery Guide:
6cell 22.2V 4500-5500mAh Lipo (2pcs)
Length 175mm (maximum)

ESC Guide:
Li-po compatible 12cell 100A or greater

Motor Guide:
[T9] KV500-520
[T10] KV500-520
[T11] KV450



New Multi Rotor Head ! Coming soon !!!


Well established FBL rotor head is now expecting a new comer , The ultimate ! Multi rotor head.

Combination with our 3axis Gyro system "TAGS01" will perform greatly  on this Tri-rotor head system.  Well balanced three rotor head provides great efficiency of rotation.
We will be releasing in the market very shortly start with 50class/E8series tri-rotor head thence, follow by 90class/E12 size tri-rotor head.




Photo shown is the proto type sample.

NEX E6 has been released


JR NEX E6 has been released.

Special site



The following site introduced the NEX E6.

HeliPlane - RC Helicopter & Plane news

NEWS: RC Heli Resource

RC Mania



Here are the NEX E6 flight movie from YouTUBE.

Posted by chanoiii/JR King Hobby Thailand


[New Products] ASG ROTOR HEAD 90v2


No. 84038

This metallic main rotor head is compatible with JR Helicopters using a 12mm main shaft.
Compared to the genuine head, this product has a wider range of adjustment and so you can
further fine tune it to suite your desired flight characteristics for both F3C and 3D.

Included as standard with the Airskipper and Sylphide E12 Kit.

Airskipper 90 series,
SY-E12 Mechanism set (12mm Main Shaft)

Available Now !


No. 82339

Available Now !

[New Products] FRP CANOPY AS E12


New color, Yellow !!
No.61586 LOGO STICKER included.

No. 82338

Available Now !

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