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Triple Axis Gyro System and the FBL rotor head special page 

[JRPROPOTV] XG8 videos

Please check "JRPROPOTV",the JR official channel on YouTube.
Well-known flyer, pilots in japan talk about impression or function of JR XG8.

Mr.Kunii talks about XG8 function

Impression of XG8 told by F3A flyer Mr. Hatta.

F3K Flyer Mr.Asazuma talks about XG8!


DMSS our secret! (English subtitles)

JR proudly presents latest 2.4GHz technology the break through "DMSS" bi-directional system!
Showing our secret! Coming soon with XG-8 radio system! Check this out!

The booklet of JR XG-7

xg7.jpgYou may able to down load the booklet of JR XG-7 transmitter on our web site now.

This simply explains how DMSS systems are designed and how Telemetry system operates.

Download [PDF/5.31MB]

11X ZERO has released with new software (Version:0001-0002) if you have
previous software and would like to update, down load the data from here.

11xzero.jpg [Download] 1.73MB

Corresponding type of transmitter: (11X ZERO : NET-P111ES)
Note: This specific transmitter part number is indicated on the back of the

Carefully note in advance that this software update can be only apply to
above transmitter.
There is no compatibility on some of the 11X transmitter sold globally.
If you try to update your transmitter other than above transmitter shall
causes failure to the transmitter resulting critical damages to the internal

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