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XG14 Update Software
Ver. 0001-0005

File format: ZIP

File size: 804KB


[For Specific transmitter] XG14/XG14E
[Version] 0001-0005
[Updated on] September 19,2014

Be sure to read, "Guide for Software Update"

Guide for Software Update (PDF | 237KB)

* Be sure to save the model data in the SD card before update, as it will initialize the transmitter completely.

[Update summary]

  • Additional functions when using the TLS1-SPD (air speed sensor).
  • Change to display the actual function name as the XBus main ID (previously numbers).
  • ID reset function changed to initialize all XBus settings.
  • Additional collective ID set function when using the X Port Duo (XB1-14 DRS).
  • Additional functions for programming JR NX servo parameters.
  • Additional function in ACRO mode for programming three axis gyros (for example, the JR AXIS).


Last Update: September 16,2014